• Thirty seven high yielding varieties of cashew available for adoption.
    • Latest production technology made available.
    • 43 model Cashew Nurseries are functioning for planting material production.
    • Clones of high yielding varieties are the only planting material.
    • Generation of clones reaches 12 million per year.
    • Area with clones of high yielding varieties reaches 3.92 lakh ha.
    • Area under cashew attained 10.27 lakh ha.
    • Production of raw nuts reached 0.725 million tonnes.
    • Export earning of cashew kernel reached Rs. 5500 Crores.
    • Processing factories increased to 3900 numbers.
    • Employment generation for 1.5 million people in Cashew sector.


    • New area of 49,000 ha brought under Cocoa cultivation.
    • Cocoa villagers established.
    • 265 cocoa demonstration plots established.
    • Intensive TOT measures conducted.
    • 1200 Ha senile plantations replanted with High yielding varieties.
    • Quality planting materials of cocoa produced under CPCRI and KAU.
    • Small nurseries of cocoa established.
    • Area under Cocoa increased to 78,000 Ha from 12,402 ha in 1997-98.

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