Publicity for Crop Promotion


    The programme is intended to take up intensive publicity measures for promotion of cashew and cocoa by dissemination of latest production technologies to the farming community and other target groups coming under the fold of cultivation, processing, marketing and export by organizing District level seminar, State level seminar, fairs on cashew and cocoa in various states and also organizations of National and International seminar/conference. The programmes will be organized by the DCCD through the Research Institutes, SAU, KVK, State development departments, Farmers Association, etc. except National and International seminar which DCCD will organize in association with the hosting State development department.

    1.State level seminar on Cashew and Cocoa

    The state level seminar is intended to organize in chose States to evolve feasible development strategies for the States in the development of the crop and make policy decisions with the active participation of scientists, departmental officials, farmers and other stake holders such as industry, trade etc.

    The seminar is for 2 days and will be organized in association with the Research institute, SAU’s, Development agencies. The participants of the seminar will be 300. Financial assistance of Rs. 3.00 lakh will be provided to organize the seminar as per the details given below.

    ParticularsOutlay (Rupees)
    Development of seminar materials (key note and presidential address, agenda notes etc.10,000
    Printing of literatures, invitation cards, badges, folders, banners pen, pad etc.20,000
    Hall arrangements (2 days)30,000
    Refreshments for 300 participants (2 days)1,80,000
    Honorarium to resource personnel10,000
    POL and other miscellaneous50,000


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