Production scenario of Cocoa


    Area and Production

    Cocoa is an important plantation crop grown for chocolates around the world.In India Cocoa is being cultivated in the States of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in an area of 78000 ha with total production of 16,050 MT. Tamil Nadu ranks first with an area of 26,969 ha whereas Andhra Pradesh ranks first in production .The highest productivity is in Kerala which is 785 kg/ha .The average productivity of cocoa in Indian is 475 Kg/ha.


    Cocoa is an export oriented commodity. In India, at present there are 10 multinational companies engaged in the field of cocoa industry and exports products like Beans, chocolates, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cocoa based products to other countries. India earns foreign exchange worth Rs. 849 cores through exports of cocoa bean and its products.


    The demand of chocolate industry and confectionaries in India is 30,000 MT of dry bean per annum. The current domestic production of cocoa beans is not sufficient to meet the demand of the industry. Hence India is importing a lion share of its requirement from other cocoa growing countries worth Rs.1551 crores.

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