Replacement of senile plantations and Replanting with HYV


    The objective of the scheme is to increase the production and productivity of the senile plantations owed by the forest departments and corporation in various states. The scheme envisages removal of senile plantations and replanting with High Yielding Varieties recommended to the location. The Directorate is directly implemented the scheme in identified clusters of senile cashew plantation in the land owned by Forest Department, State Farms and Corporations of various states.

    The pattern of assistance will be as per NHM guidelines i.e. 40% of the cost subject to Rs.20000/- per ha. in three installments of 60:20:20 subject to the survival rate of 75% in second year and 90% in third year. The funds will be released in two installments in each year by the Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development. 1st installment will be effected after the receipt of proposal for fresh planting, detailed progress report on maintenance and pre-planting work of fresh replanting by concerned corporations / Forest Dept. and final installment will be released after the inspection of committee constituted by DCCD and receipt of progress report from the concerned corporations / Forest Dept.

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